REGO-FIX is one of the world’s leading tool manufacturers and enjoys global recognition in the metal processing industry. Founded in 1950, REGO-FIX is the global leader in toolholding innovation. The company’s product mix, including the powRgrip System and ER Collet system, works together interchangeably, resulting in the flexibility to create solutions that provide the industry’s best accuracy, balancing and tool life.

REGO-FIX designs, manufactures and tests all its toolholders in a state-of-the-art, ISO-certified facility in Tenniken, Switzerland.

With REGO-FIX, you can expect:

  • Swiss precision tools that shape the manufacturing landscape.
  • Constant access to new solutions that boost accuracy and productivity.
  • Toolholders that ensure high precision, ease of operation and increased tool life.
  • Products with unbeatable runout accuracy, vibration damping and balance quality.