Allied Machine & Engineering Co. (Europe) Ltd. is the European Headquarters of Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. USA, global leaders in innovative high performance metal cutting solutions enabling AMEC® to deliver key market leading performance in a diverse range of manufacturing, production and process engineering industries.

Precision, performance and productivity are core features of AMEC’s tooling and their continued innovation in all aspects of drilling systems technology has enabled AMEC® to set new industry standards in terms of production efficiency, tool life and manufacturing cost improvements.

AMEC’s continued growth has been fueled by their ability to provide high performance drilling systems, thread mills, fixed and expandable reamers and a wide range of special ‘custom built’ tools for particularly demanding applications.

Since the introduction of their Original T-A® replaceable insert drilling system in 1982, AMEC® has continued to innovate. The GEN2 T-A® insert offers new performance engineered geometries, substrates and coatings to provide an even lower cost per hole, whilst their latest GEN3SYS® high penetration drilling system uses radical new point geometries. Their unique PVD-AM200® coating delivers extraordinary improvements in productivity, finish, accuracy and repeatability.

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